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Fantasy Football Names that make you go hmmmmmm

Posted by ~ A Trophy Wife ~ on

Last week, I mentioned a little boy who lost everything in the Camp fire but was most upset about the loss of his trophy. We took an extra moment to sure that the engraving would arrive in time for Christmas...but you just never know with the holiday season.

I'm pleased to say that his family not only let me know that he received his award but they sent me a picture of this lovely little boy! He was BEAMING! So proudly holding up his new award. I can tell you the picture made me smile so big that my kids thought I had too much wine. His smile filled with such joy and I am SO HAPPY that we were able to help make it happen!

So, now with this ridiculous smile on my face, I wade back into the deep waters of Fantasy Football. My smile and laughter is now DEFINITELY of a different style as I read through the various league and team names for winners...and of course, losers. I mean, who DOESN'T love a good toilet bowl with a hysterical comment on the recipient's season?

In my last foray into the names of Fantasy League names, it mentioned a couple that we've seen quite often...anything with the phrase "TDs" is always popular.  However, there is a entire SLEW of unique names that I'm sure have been created over a couple of beers.  Just remember dear reader, Fantasy Football is not for the fainthearted...nor those who get offended easily. I will let a few of my favorite plates from this week show you why!

Fav League Name:  Mental Erections Fantasy League

Fave Team Names: 


Team Badonka Gronk

"It Ertz When Eifert" (I had to read that one 3X!)

Cajun Twinkies


Juggle my Nutellas

Drew Bree's Boobies

(Now, Drew may not be happy...but is the group commenting on extra 'manliness" of his chest or the fact that they are his lackeys? The mystery may never be solved.)

Well, back into the engraving time!  Next up...more of the great leagues and teams that use the Player's names (Watch out for Gurley!)

May your playoff season be fabulous...and if it isn't, at least you can look forward to a laugh at the last place trophy!