Fantasy Football Season 2018​ - Name Plate Hilarity Pt 1

Fantasy Football Season 2018​ - Name Plate Hilarity Pt 1

Posted by - A Trophy Wife on Dec 14, 2018

FFL season is one of my favorite times of the year. I open each email earnestly, wondering what team or league name will give me a chuckle…and trust me, there have been a few.

I’ve been designing the trophy plates for a few years now and thought I would share a few of the past favorites and some new ones!

I can still remember the year of “Show Me Your TD’s”. This was so common that we created a game where one team would send the others a picture of a shot glass every time that name showed up. Good thing that we weren’t actually drinking as we would have suffered from alcohol poisoning a few times.

Last year’s winner was “My Ball Zack Ertz”. Now, I will admit that I saw this a few times before I READ it with its intended inflection. I will NOT go into what fills my mind when watching the Eagles play and Zach is on the field.

Today, I laughed out loud when I opened an order for as Outhouse Bobblehead. I THINK that this is for the loser of the league…

Yep, I almost snorted my coffee up the ole’ nostrils on this one!

We are just at the beginning of our 2018 Play Off season. There will more chuckles to come on past and present engravings.

…Just remember to not be drinking anything when reading…