Optically Clear Crystal 

This type of crystal is the finest in the world. Grinding and polishing creates a fine piece of crystal that can transfer light without distortion. Optical Crystal is visually flawless, brilliant, without color, and lead-free. 

Colored Crystal

We add visual interest to many innovative awards using Colored Crystal. Minerals are added to clear crystal to create many brilliant colors.The most common colors are blue, black, green, red, and yellow. Colored Crystal has the same quality as optical crystal. 

Handblown Art Glass 

Art Glass combines streams of brilliant color with transparent glass to create vibrant awards.  These awards come in a variety of color combinations including blue, white, red, orange, pink, and green.  The streams of color give each handblown award energy and vitality. 

Cultured Stone 

Cultured Stone has the look and feel of marble or granite but is made of resin and recycled stone. It is ideal for custom award designs because it is easy to manipulate and mold.  However, it is equally valuable to the eco-conscious consumer.  Each Cultured Stone award contains approximately 30% post-consumer recycled stone. 

Verde (Green) Marble 

Verde Marble is green, quite unique, and stunning. Each slab of marble has its own rich green color and white veining formed with heat and pressure over years in the earth’s crust.  Verde Marble is combined with Optical Crystal to create unforgettable corporate awards.  


The sheen and texture available in our metal designs offers an attractive look and feel that sets them apart.  We offer a variety of distinct options including sleek silver aluminum, steely gray chrome, and rich bronze.  Metal awards are sophisticated and contemporary, offering a beauty that is accentuated by sharp lines and stunning contrast. 

Wood Award Plaques 

The Wall Plaque Gallery features a number of wood award plaques. Choose from a variety of wood options like the traditional rosewood, black, or walnut piano-finish plaque or the elegance and prestige of American Cherry. 

Jade Crystal 

The green tint characteristic of Jade Crystal is produced from the iron ore content found in silica sand.  The shade of green becomes more intense as the crystal becomes thicker. 

Lead Crystal 

The term “full lead crystal” indicates a 24% lead content - the clarity, brilliance, and weight of crystal increases as the quantity of lead increases.  The very finest quality crystal can contain up to 36-70% lead.

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