Fantasy Football Medals

Fantasy Football Medals

Just for your Fantasy League!  We offer our Champion shield medal that is also a bottle opener.  For those who didn't achieve greatness this season, we offer a Toilet Bowl lid in gold and silver.  We also offer our custom place medals for when you want to recognize the other two who DID REALLY, REALLY GOOD!

As always, our medals include personalized engraving at no additional cost.

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Fantasy Football Medals are coveted awards given to players who excel in the popular virtual game of Fantasy Football. These medals serve as a symbol of recognition and accomplishment to the top performers in various categories such as highest-scoring team, top scorer, best manager, and more. Fantasy Football Medals can be made from high-quality materials like brass or zinc alloy, with intricate designs and finishes to reflect the prestige of the award. These medals are often customizable, allowing players to add personalized touches like engraving or team logos. Fantasy Football Medals are a must-have for any ambitious fantasy football league, encouraging healthy competition and rewarding exceptional player achievements.