Last Place, Loser and Toilet Trophies

In any sport or Fantasy Football League, there is always a champion...and a loser.  For those who earn this dubious honor (by SUCKING) in their respective league or competition, we have a great collection of LAST PLACE TROPHIES, LOSER and TOILET BOWL TROPHIES here at Decade Awards.  Check out our Bowling Toilet Bowl, Outhouse or Horse's Rear / Dumb Ass trophies...We even have a skunk trophy for those who truly stank!



If you need a loser trophy for a more general bottom of the barrel performance for the pond scum of your group, team or tournament, we have our exclusive Toilet Bowl Monster or Pants Down Monster trophies that would fit that bill PERFECTLY...even if it IS just a friendly office competition!

As with all of our trophies, engraving is free!  The recipient can receive a special message from teammates or other Fantasy League team owners that can wax poetically about how horrible their draft picks were, the BRICK they threw at the 3-on-3  basketball competition or the busted bracket during March Madness.