.308 Bullet Whiskey Glass - Personalized

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Product Description:

Gift a Remarkable .308 Personalized Bullet Whiskey Glass

For the genuine whiskey enthusiast, blending this sublime spirit with anything but ice or water might seem like pairing a gourmet steak with ketchup. It just isn't done!


If you nod in agreement, then our .308 Whiskey Glass is precisely what your collection needs. Meticulously hand-embedded with a genuine solid copper bullet, this glass promises a lavish sipping experience with a dash of edginess.


Rest assured when you sip from our bullet-embedded glassware. We prioritize safety, using only specially crafted bullets devoid of any lead or powder residue. And if you're in the mood for a little James Bond-esque intrigue, let the details be your secret. Just know, every time this glass hits the bar, it's bound to make an impact.

Key Features: 

  • Dimensions: 3.625" H x 3" W
  • Genuinely embedded with a safe, lead-free, solid copper .308 bullet.
  • Bullets sourced from Lehigh Defense in Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Composed of durable Borosilicate Glass.
  • 10 oz. capacity.
  • For longevity, only hand wash.
  • Glassware imported; Assembled in the USA

Make it Yours:

Personalization elevates any item to the next level. Consider engraving to add that special touch. Please note:

  • Engraving may extend the standard processing time by 1-2 business days.
  • Engraved items cannot be returned or refunded.

Bear in mind, our products have a past. Each item tells a story. Crafted from genuine once-fired shell casings, they might carry minor imperfections, echoing their history. Due to their striking resemblance to live ammunition, caution is advised when carrying them to places where ammunition is restricted / prohibited.

Lucky Shot – Where Craftsmanship Meets High Caliber. Dive into our world where we passionately repurpose munitions, giving them a renewed purpose!

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