Indigo Gallery - Corporate Awards

The Indigo Gallery is a collection of blue crystal awards that are combined with stunning optical crystal. The word “indigo” means blue. Blue is also the color associated with business because it represents intelligence, stability, and unity. The Indigo Gallery offers a wide variety of exclusive designs.

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Accolade Pyramid Award
Elliptic Award
Concentric Award
Potomac Award
Apogee Pyramid Award
Gemstone Award
Allure Award
Faceted Wave Award
Azure Diamond Award
Distinction Award
Acclaim Award
Zenith Spire Award
Resolute Award
Trident Award
Blue Shadow Award
Azure Moon Crystal Award
Pearl Lake Award
Vision Award
Sentinel Crystal Award
Brigadier Award
Heritage Crystal Award
Azurite Crystal Award
Apex Pyramid Crystal Award
Blue Majestic Award
Koncept IV Award
Indigo Peak Award
La Mariner Crystal Award